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Starbank has for many years been a very popular and successful primary school. In response to demand for places we became an all-through school from September 2014 onward. As part of this development a brand new building will open on Hob Moor Road (by Sept 2016) which will replace our current Annex site.
This is a very exciting time for Starbank and for our community. We hope you will want to be part of this future. We want our school to provide an outstanding education for all children and need your help to achieve that.
Your child has great potential. Help him/her realise it by choosing Starbank.
Gerry Hudson – Executive Head
Satnam Dosanjh – Headteacher


At Starbank we take e-Safety very seriously. On this page there is some useful advice for everyone to follow.

E-Safety Advice
We now have over 1500 pupils across three sites, close to the boundary between Bordesley Green and South Yardley. Arrangements for 2015-2016 are as follows:

  • Starbank Road site (B10 9LR) – this is the oldest and most established building where currently there is a large Nursery(all part-time) and classes from Reception up to and including Y5. By 2016 there will be classes from Nursery to Y6 on this site.
  • Bierton Road site (B25 8PY) – this has undergone extensive refurbishment since we moved in three years ago. It is a Listed Building which was originally built as a school in the 1930s but closed in the 1980s and was due to be demolished until early in 2012 when Starbank was asked to take it over to provide extra places. A Nursery (part-time and full-time) opened in September 2014 and there are now classes from Nursery up to Y6 on this site. For this year only a small number of Y7 pupils are based here.
  • Hob Moor Road site (B10 9BT) – this annex site has been used by Starbank for the past 20 years approximately. It combines a stand alone brick built building with a number of large well equipped demountable classrooms. The site includes children from Y3 to Y6 and approximately 270 Y7 and Y8 students. The portacabins include specialist facilities for science, food technology and art and design as well as a computer suite.

When the new build further up Hob Moor Road is completed it will cater for classes from Reception to Y6 in the primary part of the school and from Y7 to Y11 in the secondary part. By 2016 therefore Starbank will have Nursery places at Starbank Road and Bierton Road and will have primary places from Reception to Y6 on all three sites with 180 places available in total, 60 at each site. It will be our intention to try and ensure families can have all their primary age children on one site, usually the closest to where they live. All children from any of our primary sites will automatically be entitled to attend our secondary department on Hob Moor Road.

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Those of you with a child currently in Y6 should now be clear where your child will be attending in September. Over 120 of our 180 Y7 intake will be pupils already at Starbank. Early next term we will write to those pupils staying at Starbank with further information. These will be the first group that will have all of their secondary education in our brand new building.


By 19 April those of you with a child due to start Reception in September 2016 will have received an offer of a place (assuming that you applied of course). If you receive an offer for Starbank we will then write to you separately to confirm which site you have been offered. As far as possible we will place you on the site where you already have other primary children and/or the site closest to you. It is impossible to please everyone but we shall do our best.


Work is continuing very well on the new building. Some of our children will be back on site after Easter to report on what’s happening. Those of you who live nearby may have been able to see the buildings develop month by month. The old school building is now completely demolished. You may remember there was a delay while a mobile phone company decommissioned the mast they had on top of the old building. Thankfully most of the time lost is being made up week by week – the biggest impact will be that there won’t have been time to seed the new sports field so that won’t be properly ready until later in 2017. The main building and the sports hall however are all on track for handover in August this year.


The prime reason behind the expansion of Starbank over the past six years has been the huge demand for school places. Our growth has meant that we have been able to accommodate and teach many children who could not get a place locally and were out of school for this reason (or faced a very long journey twice a day). We know that a few of our families still have children on three different Starbank sites but at least for most families they are all now at Starbank. In September all the children currently in Y3, 4 and 5 at Hob Moor Road will move to the new site. They will be joined by some of our current Y1 and Y2 pupils from Starbank Road and a few other children from Bierton Road and Starbank Road in certain year groups where we have space and opportunity to move them if desired by parents. This is quite a complex logistical exercise and will be planned for in the summer term. Parents in Y1 and Y2 were asked earlier in the year to express their preferences and we will be informing families of the outcome next half term.


We are pleased to inform you that Christine and Nargis are to receive a ‘Good Citizens’ award from West Midlands Police for the work they are doing with our families, particularly in the areas of safeguarding(raising awareness of radicalisation and CSE).


Mrs M Begum (Y1 parent) was elected – well done and thank you to both parents who were happy to serve as a governor. We now have one elected parent governor from each site.


SUMMER 1 – Monday 11 April until Friday 27 May inclusive (school closed on Monday 2 May – Bank Holiday and on Thursday 5 May – Local elections – school used as polling station)

SUMMER 2 – Monday 6 June until Tuesday 19 July inclusive (school closed on Thursday 23 June – European referendum – school used as polling station)

The academic year 2016/17 will begin for pupils on Thursday 8 September


We hope you enjoy a lovely holiday with your children

G Hudson (Executive Head)                                                    S.Dosanjh (Headteacher)

Starbank Blog

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Year 2 Rocket Radio – The Plants Show

Year 2 delivered the very final Rocket Radio show of the year with a spectacular Plants based show, broadcast to a hall full of parents, staff and children at Bierton Road. The show involved all the classes from Year 2 from Starbank Road and Bierton Road. There were reports to give you all the crucial information […]


Year 6!!!

Production This year our production was based on a famous book called ‘The Wind in the Willows’. This required many rehearsals and singing in tune – which led to many lost voices. All day, every day the main characters practiced their extremely long lines for a whole 2 weeks non-stop whilst the rest of us […]


Harvesting our vegetables at Starbank Nursery

We had a very exciting day on Monday harvesting our vegetables . We had lots potatoes , onions and garlic . We also harvested carrots, radishes, coriander and beetroot. We had a wonderful curry and roti. It was great eating the vegetables we had washed and chopped. Everybody helped.


Starbank Nursery received a letter from the Queen.

The staff and children were very excited today to receive a letter from the Queen. It said that the Queen wished to thank the children for their splendid card and the message we sent on the occasion of Her Majesty’s ninetieth birthday.The letter said the Queen was very touched by the care we had taken […]


Y4 Brass Music Concert

  After a year of hard work, Year 4 have done themselves proud performing in an amazing concert at Bierton Road. They were helped by more experienced players from Year 5 and 6 who have continued their music lessons after year 4. We hope to see many of these musicians continuing to play next year! […]